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Activity Sheets

The activity sheets are a great way for your child to learn about cooking and healthy eating.  They all have fun activities for your child to enjoy and all link to other sections of this website.  You can download all of the activity sheets by clicking on the documents below.  Why donít you help your child with these activity sheets and watch them have fun as they learn?

Cooking Fun
See how you can have fun when you are cooking by drawing a funny kitchen cartoon.

Download 'Cooking Fun'

Food In Season

Learn about the different foods that are in season at different times of year when you complete this activity sheet.

Download 'Food In Season'

Food Preparation
Learn more about preparing foods before you cook them. Do you wash it, remove skin, cut it or cook it?

Download 'Food Preparation'

My Menu

Create your own menu so you are organised for the week ahead.

Download 'My Menu'

What do you need to help you cook? Complete the wordsearch, re-arrange the anagrams and guess the descriptions.

Download 'Utensils'

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