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Girl shows her mum what she has prepared
Show off your skills and ideas

Cooking is great fun and lots of people have fantastic ideas about putting different foods together or clever ways of making it look attractive on the plate.  Others have delicious recipes that they have known for years or been given to them by friends or family.  Whichever you are we want to hear from you, as we have a great competition for you to enter and win 200 of high street vouchers.  This includes parents/children of Primary School age and school catering staff. 

With this prize you could buy cooking books and DVDs, utensils and other kitchen equipment.  Just click on the relevant links below to find out more; How to enter; Enter Now; Monthly winners; Local winners; School caterers.

Also, we would like to hear from any Primary School child about a member of the kitchen staff in their school that they think has done something special.  This could be cooking an extra delicious and healthy meal, running a fun promotion in school like a theme day or helping in the classroom or at a school event.  To vote for your favourite please go to catering staff.

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