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Mother and son cooking together
My Cookery Club has been created to help parents and children cook together.  This website has lots of information, which you can use to teach your child how to cook and to develop your own cooking skills.  Research has shown that parents want their child to learn how to cook and that children are also keen to learn.  Please browse through the recipes on this website and decide what you would like to cook. They are all healthy and nutritious meals that are being served at school lunchtimes across the country. 

On this website you will also find lots of cookery tips including safety and hygiene advice, nutritional information, message boards, competitions and lots of fun activities for your child. You can also download our podcast.  On it you will hear a celebrity recipe being cooked by children and you can follow the instructions with your child in your own home.  So why not start exploring the website now and get cooking with your child? 

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