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Cooking Skills
Child Friendly Activity

Girl serving up fruit salad into bowls
Each month we are going to teach you a new cooking skill so keep coming back to this page to learn more and improve in the kitchen. We want your children to draw a cartoon of a scene in the kitchen and send them to us.  We will display all the best ones in our gallery so why not start discussing ideas with your child?  Download the activity sheet on this page and then send your completed Cartoons to My Cookery Club at the address on the sheet. 

This Month
My recipe says simmer the vegetables, how do I do that?

Lots of recipes mention the word 'simmer' but don't panic if you do not know what this means.  It is a simple term to understand and do. 

When your pan of water and food is on the hob simmering involves turning the heat to its lowest setting.  There should only be small bubbles on the surface of the liquid.  This means something is getting near to boiling but isn't quite boiling. You should keep it at this level for as long as the recipe says to do so. Simmering is a way of cooking the food slowly and gently. 


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Child Friendly Cartoon time

Download the activity sheet and then your child can draw a cartoon of a scene in the kitchen.  It could be something they have seen happen or they can use their imagination and create their own. Send your completed cartoons to Kitchen Cartoons, AVF Marketing, Orchard Lodge, Newsham Way, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 8HT

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