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Buying Tips
Child Friendly Activity

Child and dad look at ingredients available
Do you know what to look out for in the supermarket? Each month we will give you information on what to look for when buying a type of food. 

This Month
The good sausage guide

You’re in the meat aisle of the supermarket, faced with lots of different flavours of sausages and lots of brands to choose from. But which one do you choose?  Our sausage buying tips will help you know what to look for when buying this popular British food.

  • The better quality sausages have a higher meat content so you should look at this first of all. 
  • Good sausages will be made from quality British meat, breadcrumbs, fresh herbs, and natural skins.
  • Pork sausages are the most common and you can’t beat good old British Pork.  You should look on the pack for either British meat, the Quality Standard Mark or the Little Red Tractor Mark.
  • There shouldn’t be too many ingredients in a sausage and also few E numbers.  Read the ingredient list on the back to see what’s in them.
  • The sausages should be well packaged.
  • If you need gluten free sausages these are available.  You will find that these will probably be really good quality with a very high meat content. 
  • You can also get organic sausages.  Most of these will have been certified by the Soil Association. 
  • Good sausages won’t shrink when they are cooked.  The more that they shrink, the lower the meat quality.  


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Below are the child friendly items
Child Friendly Take your child shopping with you

Next time you go shopping why don't you take your child and involve them in choosing the right food? You can discuss the information on this website beforehand so you and your child know what to look out for.

Child Friendly Play on the Fish and Kids website
Visit for fun games and more information for kids, teachers and parents.  It is a great way for your child to learn about the importance of buying fish from sustainable sources.
Cambridgeshire County Council
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